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starring Dr. Rod Octopus and Little Sparrow. Once upon a time, in the present actually, an evil presence was taking over humanity, life was never to be the same again. Within a month of the outbreak, even the King had to get in line for his vegetables because all his servants were dead and nobody cared if you were rich or poor anymore. People were not allowed to dance or hold hands, and to stand too close to somebody could get you thrown into a dungeon never to be seen again. Soon people forgot what it was like to be held in another's arms, and began to get fearful if anyone got too close to them. As time went by relationships changed, and slowly but surely the people got used to this new way of living, and as the world got colder and colder intimacy became a thing of the past – like a sad fairy tale. The sun decided it didn't need to shine anymore anyway and hid behind the strange presence that covered the world like a tight-fitting scarf. Everybody was soon to become very lonely, but Little Sparrow knew how to find solitude in her dreams, and would often go to bed very early so she could be free once again to sing and dance under the full moon with joyful abandon accompanied by her magical musical friend Dr. Rod Octopus. Ghost Town Cover 2020 vocals and harmonies: Kirsty Hawkshaw Steinway Piano arrangement and performance and RCA beat Oscillator recorded at Vintage Keys Studios by Dr. Rod Octopus mixed and mastered by Steve Christie puppeteering and music video: Kirsty Hawkshaw Dr. Rod Octopus and Little Sparrow puppets: crafted by Kirsty Hawkshaw puppet theatre: Interbubak coming out on the 13/4/2020 Vintage Keys Records (c) Ghost Town was written by Jerry Dammers originally performed by the Specials in 1981 @drrodoctopus @vintagekeysrecords recorded @vintagekeysstudios and vocals recorded at home in the shecave.

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