Love Is All We Need

Hello dear visitor,

thank you for your time I appreciate it :). I just wanted to write a little update this Sunday. Oona Dahl and I traveled to Stonehenge and Avebury In February 2020 with my D90 Nikon SLR camera, some holographic material, a few bags of groceries, various colored light bulbs and an Airbnb booking. It was a miracle in some ways that we were able to combine our time and be in the same place together and we had a lot of fun driving and listening to some nice mixes on the way. Oona and I were determined to do this video completely by ourselves and now it’s finished.

We filmed ourselves larking about, without a real story line initially but there was quite an intense feeling that these incredible places like Avebury in Wiltshire, and Stonehenge have a mystery to them that cannot be denied.

I was quite shocked when we arrived at Stonehenge as it has now been really commercialized, and we now have to pay quite a significant amount of money to get close to them. I was last there with Justin Elswick and Caroline Lavelle 10 years ago, and we had a cup of tea in Carolines camper van and then just crossed the road straight to the stones, now it’s a bit of a shlep to get there but we did it.

Oona and I managed to get some nice shots and recently the story came together and we now have the video. I hope you enjoy it.

As an aside I’ve been waking up at Dawn quite frequently of late and making an effort to go outside and listen to the birds singing and to meditate with my palms facing up. There is so much confusion and post bombing going on online with this lockdown going on, so if you can try and find time to switch off from it all and get outside into nature and to meditate early, and then receive those early morning full spectrum sun rays on your face so that you can absorb the vibrations that are positive ones, it may help to stay calm and to cope with this chaos that surrounds us right now.

Love Kirsty <3