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Dear anyone who is out there and has clicked on this link during these extremely difficult times, we appreciate your time and curiosity and truly hope that you and your families are safe and well.

Dr. Rod Octopus and I recently recorded this cover version of a Specials Song “Ghost Town” during the lockdown of 2020.  Dr. Rod sent me the piano over the wires and air with a safe 80 mile distance in between us and I recorded it in my little studio then sent the vocals back to him where he mixed it using his amazing analog studio at Vintage Keys Studios .

After finishing the song, and to make good use of the time in isolation, we discussed how to make a video, and I thought it would be fun to make some puppets,  and get my Interbubak puppet show back out again.  (see video below)  This is going to be the start of a series of puppet shows relating to projects that Dr. Rod Octopus is working on and it’s been great fun having this to work on.

Since connecting Dr. Rod has shared with me a very impressive back catalog written by this fine musician Dr. Rod Octopus aka Steve Christie and as a result, we have collaborated and set up a sub-label for Wellhead a special Vintage Keys Records label for him so he can unleash his fine works spanning over a decade, and support other artists he is connected to.  So please bookmark and pop back and check out what is coming – you won’t be disappointed

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Please use the following links to connect with us on all the main platforms, and thank you once again for your interest and time, we appreciate it 🙂 love Kirsty.

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